Stepladders, Ladders and Scaffolding

custom Ladders Stepladders, Ladders and ScaffoldingIf the custom ladders are indispensable to the house, the scale is also often worked for both internal and external to heights exceeding 3 m. Whether to acquire the two, we will merely a stool two or three steps, then relaying the scale. It remains the Travail on the stool, through its platform, is much less tiring than on the scale.

The stool

Will serve for small or medium heights. Choose the lightweight aluminum, but complies with safety standards and stable. An average height of 2 m should be sufficient for most indoor work.


Increasingly, the scales on improving and offering opportunities for multiple uses.

They prefer aluminum, more

Light and as strong that ‘wood. Most models can be used both as a stepladder that slides; folding and three elements, some scaffolding become lighter, with some accessories (such as to enhance stability). Then they can often make up the differences in levels and even be used on stairs.


Folding, wheeled, adjustable height, tubular scaffolding, often delivered in kits, is another multiple combinations. Some evolutionary systems can adapt to almost any handyman needs. It should however not to overestimate them, often good enough pour scale: two of its elements perfectly stabilized and secured in horizontal board contentment will do.


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