DIY Guide: Creating a Vanity Table From the Used Dining

DIY Guide: Creating a Vanity Table From the Used Dining Room Table

Getting a conceit table within the bed room is extremely practical they create storing makeup along with other grooming essentials simpler. As vanity tables with mirrors could be a little costly, this is a cheap DIY guide to create one from a classic dining room table.

1. Appraise the width, depth, and height from the space where you need to install the table. Appraise the height from the chair you want to use in the floor, and add four more inches above it to ensure that you’ll have enough space to tuck you ft easily underneath the vanity set.

2. Following the measurement is performed, locate an old dining room table of the preference. This used furniture are available in a reduced cost at garage sales, flea marketplaces, or antique stores. As lengthy because the width and height on the table suit your measurement, do not concern yourself about its length as you’ll be able cut it to match the needed depth.

3. Cut the table along its length until its width suits the depth from the space where it must be, departing it with two remaining legs. Make use of a circular saw to ensure that you’re going to get a straight cut. Sand the perimeters from the board to get rid of rough edges.

4. Fresh paint or stain the table if you wish to alter its look. Use pastel or floral designs for feminine touch, a mahogany or dark cherry stain for classic look, or vibrant colors for any happy mood.

5. Once coloring is performed, you need to install the vanity from the wall. Fasten a strip of wood under the rear of the legless part and secure with a few screws. Because the board is connected to the table, now you can fasten the board towards the wall. Make certain to screw the board from the stud to possess a steady and secure vanity.

6. If you would like skirting round the vanity, appraise the sides on the table excluding the part connected to the wall along with the height in the the top to the the floor. Give a couple of inches of measurement towards the skirting fabric, cut it in two, and stitch all hems of every part. Attach an element of the skirting in the to the leading of one side from the vanity and perform the same goes with sleep issues. This makes the seams of every part gather in-front. Use Velcro tape or upholstery tacks to connect the material towards the sides on the table.

7. Look for a mirror large enough for the vanity table and do the installation from the wall right over the vanity. Match the mirror’s frame towards the color on the table.


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