Some Popular Wood Types as well as their Qualities

Here are a few popular kinds of wood which are generally employed for making household along with other furniture, for both indoor and outdoor use.


This can be a very difficult, heavy and powerful wood that’s abrasion and shock resistant. Walnut wood normally has a straight grain but simultaneously might have some intricate designs.

Curly or tiger walnut

This kind of wood has beautiful designs which make them a fantastic choice to be used like a decorative purpose. Tiger walnut wood can also be quite strong, hard and high.

Reclaimed old growth cypress

For hundreds of years, cypress has been utilized within the furniture niche for a number of reasons. A significant reason behind its extensive me is the natural preservative that’s present in this kind of wood that causes it to be stronger than its peers. The dense wood is especially heavy and may provide a spectacular finish. Furthermore, its potential to deal with ageing and decay managed to get particularly managed to get appropriate to create vats.


Walnut wood is difficult, strong and very durable. Simultaneously, it is not heavy either. It features a straight grain close to the trunk from the tree but sports a wavy grain closer to the roots. The good thing of walnut wood is it finishes superbly and supports the stain and fresh paint very well. Besides, it’s heavily resistant against bending and diminishing.


This wood is mainly grown within the eastern area of the US. The wood was commonly used for furniture making through the colonial People in america. It’s moderately strong, close-grained, hard, and it is highly potential to deal with bending. The wood is mainly light to red-brown colored that has a tendency to deepen contact with sunlight.


It is really an exotic red-brown wood that’s highly reputed because of its rare beauty and strength. The wood is extremely durable and it is resistant against bending and swelling, therefore which makes it well suited for use within marine jobs as well as in high moisture regions. The wood are available in tropical forests and utilized in the output of Indian furniture.


Oak is a well-liked hardwood that’s highly resistant against moisture. The wood is heavy as well as finishes well. Due to the hardness, oak is frequently hard to create. But wooden furniture produced from oak may pass lower several decades.

Tap walnut

Tap walnut is really a high-quality hardwood that happily shows its heritage. The wood is mainly based on the sugar walnut tree. Tap walnut timber sports a spiked pattern that’s consequence of tapping the walnut tree several occasions from the decades for obtaining the walnut syrup. Besides serving various decorative reasons, the wood continues to be broadly employed for making wooden furniture too. It’s difficult, heavy, hard, and may perfectly resist abrasion and shock.

Yellow birch

The timber of yellow birch includes a fin and uniform grain pattern. The wood sports an yellow-colored-pale yellow that may produce a light and clean look. The wood is moderately hard, strong and high.

You will find various other kinds of timber readily available for making wooden furniture. Just select the one best perfect for you.


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