Liven up your living room decor

The living room is often the most popular room in the house. It is where the family congregates for fun and relaxation. It is also where guests are welcomed into the home. Because it is such a well-used room, it can become stale pretty quickly. The furniture gets worn and the decorations become old. Here are some tips you can use to get a fresh look without breaking the bank.

First, try rearranging your home. Look in storage and other rooms to see if there are other decorative pieces you can add or replace in your living room. Wipe the dust off that lamp or rug you’ve been hiding in the basement for the past five years and bring it up to your living room. It can add a whole new life to the living room without spending a dime. If you do have a little extra cash to spend, consider reupholstering the furniture. It is far cheaper than buying new furniture and entirely changes the room with candle Liven up your living room decor

Next, don’t try to make your living room look like it’s a page out of a magazine. Find more eclectic pieces that have a unifying idea, such as the same color or style. Be creative and think outside the box. Search rummage sales and discount shops for pieces that fit your style. You can even alter the pieces you buy by painting them or adding embellishments. Let your creative juices flow.

One of the easiest ways to liven up a living room is to add splashes of color. If your living room is a neutral color or very monotone, add some pillows or rugs that are extremely bright or patterned. It adds new energy and dimension to a room.

Simply moving the furniture around can also give a whole new look to the room without having to purchase anything new. In addition to making it look new, it also changes the mood of the room because the traffic flow of the room is different. Each time you walk into the room, you will see it from an angle you haven’t noticed since the last time you rearranged the furniture. It may seem like a small change, but it can make a huge difference in the way you perceive the room.

When you move the furniture, you can also change the focal point of the room. For example, many rooms are centered around the television. Try changing the entertainment center. Maybe make the focal point the fireplace or even a large picture window. Not only will it change the feel for you, it will also be unique to your guests when you have such a unique layout.

Minor adjustments can make a huge difference. Livening up a living room does not have to be about adding extreme touches or bright colors. A room can be livened up with something more subtle and romantic, like candles. Big pillar candles can line bookshelves. Floating candles in a vase can sit on side tables. Even thin candlesticks in holders can look elegant on a mantle. Since candles come in all colors and sizes, you can create this motif your own. Also, as candles are usually scented, it is a treat for the nose as well.

When you are redecorating your living room, step out of it and look at it a different way. Push the furniture to the sides of the room or take it out of the room altogether. Starting with a blank canvas will prevent you from falling into old habits. These tips and tricks are an easy, effective, and cost conscious way to create a new environment for your family to live in.


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