How E27 LED Lights Up My Piano Stage

e27 ledI have been heard about the reputation of LED light but I never like it until my husband installed it on one part of our house. He bought me this classic style grand piano and he built small stage in the living room for it. He installed the light one night before we threw this wedding anniversary dinner. And I did not know it until I really played the piano after the dinner.

He uses the warm white color of E27 LED light, and it warms up the spot. The stage looks just fine in the living room. The illumination is perfect, and it made my dress looked hundred dollars more expensive. My short performance was outstanding and it looked like a professional play. Now, I love to turn off other lights leaving the LED light on. It makes the stage and the piano beautiful focal point.

I think this stage makes the best spot for speech and live music stage when we hold a party or gathering in the house. I cannot wait until the end of the year when I add a Christmas tree on it. My kids will love it, and I know it is just because of the LED light!


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