8 Most Popular Decorating Ideas

New Year, New Room, New Style with 8 Most Popular Decorating Ideas

It’s a new year and it is time to turn a new leaf! Changing the way of living or fixing your way of thinking can be a good resolution for the new year. However, changing your home interior decoration can also become a nice way of changing space in the new year. Here are several themes for interior design. These themes are said to be popular later further in 2013. So, you can start now and become the trend setter in your environment.

Decorating Ideas trends 2013
Gold Finishes Everywhere, Furniture and Cushion

This is one of the many other candidates of would-be popular theme for interior design. People will love to see the elegance of gold in a simple and bright room of minimalist house. With the smaller area to be built, houses are getting smaller. With the small design and minimalist theme, inputting the color gold for the finishes will bring back the glory and elegance of wide house.

Basic White with Bright Colors’ Touch

Another piece that might have a great potential is the minimalist theme with a touch of bright colors here and there. You can paint all the wall white, choose white windows and door frame, make your room as if it is a white and clean canvas. Then, you can put on some dots of bright colors such as yellow for cushions and bright pink for curtains. This will make a cute interior.

Spacey with Less Furniture

This is also another would-be popular theme. By choosing small furniture, you can create more space. This kind of coordination is good for those who respect private space and love enjoying the situation without the house being too crowded. Not only choosing the smaller one, you also have to choose furniture that is small and arranging it in such a way that anyone using it would feel comfortable in that.

black white decor 8 Most Popular Decorating Ideas
Black and White Décor, ala 2013

It is simple, yet the Black and White theme is indeed interesting. It seems like this theme would become popular again. Usually you use the white for the wall and then choose all of the furniture to be black.  But if you want to have something that change your mind, you can browse for more theme and then combining it with the things you learn from the other theme.

Doggie Room, Your Cute Dog is Everywhere

Here is another theme. Putting dog printed cover and cushion all over the places is a nice idea. Then choose a nice picture of a dog. It can be only a silhouette or just a small version of the dog.

Men Wear Patterns

This one is an innovative one. You can wrap the couch and other furniture in a men’s wear pattern. Vertical line in certain basic color can be used to wrap the couch.

Tribal Paint for Excentric Room

The tribal motive is rather popular these days. Take one for your room and let the room bicolored with a nice and aggressive line. Suzzani is a nice motive too.

Metropolitan Style, Paint it White

The metropolitan style room will paint the whole room white and then putting white in every surface. With a little bit of zebra cushion, you will make the perfect room for celebrity.

Those are the predicted theme for interior design. You can use one of them for your home renovation.


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