Fast and Easy Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

bathroom vanity ideas Fast and Easy Ideas to Transform Your BathroomWhen it comes to any remodeling project the thought of spending days or even weeks immersed in dust and disarray is enough to put off the job indefinitely. The good news is that it needn’t cost thousands of dollars or weeks of construction mess, to breathe some new life into your tired looking bathroom. In many cases it may take little more than replacing a sink and pedestal with a sleek and contemporary bathroom vanity. Take a look in any bathroom store or search online and you’ll find a wide range of bathroom vanities to suit all tastes.

Bathroom vanity

If you’re looking to save money then DIY vanities are the best way to go. You will probably find the widest and cheapest choice online. Stores buy direct from the manufacturers and store them in warehouses, cutting down on their costs and being able to offer heavily discounted prices. Because they have a quick turnaround, they are able to stock a wide range of up to date designs. DIY bathroom vanities come in a wide choice of styles, colors and finishes and are a great way of doing away with the clutter and making your bathroom appear more streamlined and spacious. The cabinets are pre-drilled and usually come with the necessary hardware, so assembling them is a simple job.

Bathroom vanity installation is something that DIY homeowners can carry out for themselves. In essence all you need is a level, screw gun, screws and a few shims. Take care to ensure that the sink area is positioned directly over the plumbing pipes and that the vanity cabinet is fastened onto wall studs.

Using glass

Glass tiled backsplashes are very on trend and look fabulous set against bathroom vanities. So if you’re planning to install a new vanity then why not consider using a glass tiled backsplash to add style and punch to your d├ęcor. Extend the glass tiles beyond the width of your vanity on both sides and take them up high towards the ceiling and right down to the floor. This way you can also include a large mirror above the vanity (which also makes a room appear larger) and add a couple of wall sconces to improve your overall lighting.

Shower screen

Shower curtains aren’t very stylish and have a horrible habit of sticking to your body when you turn the water on. Why not consider adding a glass shower screen to your bath to instantly update the look of your bathroom. Various styles included fitted screens, swing back styles or ones which slide along to enclose the entire bath.

Stylish accessories

Finish off your new look bathroom with a few smart accessories to match the colour of your tiled splash back and try adding a little greenery in the way of a couple of ferns which like a moist atmosphere.

There you have it. Whether you just add a DIY cabinet or a few stylish extras, you can easily transform your bathroom in little more than weekend.


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