How Soundproofing Drywall Saved Area And Price at Fort Sam

How Soundproofing Drywall Saved Area And Price at Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas will be the world’s biggest army medical coaching facility. As one of the U.S. Army’s oldest installations – exactly where the very first medic recruit arrived again in 1845 – Fort Sam Houston will be the country’s Nationwide Historic Landmark with biggest single-site assortment of historic structures, more than 900 buildings. These buildings document various eras and reflect evolving developments in Army preparing and design.

But Fort Sam Houston is not only about preserving background and documenting “the way issues had been.” These days, over 27,000 army and civilian personnel function in the publish and constant new construction tasks (averaging $30 million yearly) co-exist correct alongside the post’s historic sections.

One current undertaking concerned the construction of 4 new METC (Medical Education Coaching Campus) dormitories to home two,400 army medical personnel for short-term coaching and education.

Plan of Attack

The undertaking confronted 4 primary constraints that designers and contractors needed to conquer. Initial, the barracks had been restricted from the dimension of the current construction. 2nd, every device needed to meet the Army Corps of Engineers’ necessity for that square-footage allotted to every soldier. 3rd, the construction method needed to provide an STC rating of nearly fifty in a place with regular tank and artillery fire, jets, chopper sound and issues that go “boom” within the evening. Lastly, the dormitory needs to meet the rigid specifications of Leader in Power and Environmental design (LEED) Silver Certification.

The contractor, together with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, chose to construct the brand new METC dormitories off-site in 682 modular sections. Simply because of the exterior creating restrictions, the very first choice to hit the cutting space ground was the standard technique of utilizing resilient channels for celebration walls. Resilient channel would have wasted valuable ground area and was not a possible choice.

Instead, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers enlisted the help of the QuietSolutions item line from Severe Supplies, such as soundproofing drywall. This permitted the undertaking to conserve area on each and every inside wall by creating just as though they had been utilizing normal drywall.

Soundproofing drywall was deployed from the builder and carried out beneath fire similar to normal gypsum board – only much better – and accomplished the specified STC rating with out sacrificing one square-inch of troop residing area.

How the War Was Won

When the (construction) dust had cleared, Severe Materials’ soundproofing drywall accomplished an STC-rating of near to fifty whilst also supplying the precise quantity of livable of square footage per soldier inside the restricted exterior creating constraints.

Using soundproofing drywall rather of resilient channel also decreased labor expenses by decreasing set up time. Simply because soundproofing drywall installs precisely like normal drywall, no new item coaching was essential and it saved time in comparison with the complicated set up for resilient channel – moreover it assisted make factors for LEED Certification.

Mission achieved.


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