5 Tips How to Choose Fashionable Medical Scrubs and Nursing Scrubs

Most people already see scrubs as boring because it looks the same everywhere. They can be varying on colors but they are pretty much the same. Fashionable scrubs can be small but influencing details in our hospitals. To empower better mood inside the building, we can choose fashionable medical and nursing scrubs with these tips.

#1. Keep the Pattern, Modify the Detail

We still need the main pattern, a v neck and long pants. Our job will be making the v neck collar different by using patterned cloth for example, and use different colors for the pocket like those displayed in blueskyscrubs.com.

#2. Avoid Bad Cloth

Fashionable also includes comfort and practicality. Use only great cloth and material so the shape looks good on almost all types of body shape and it falls down perfectly on staff. Scrubs uniforms also need to be easy to clean and comfortable for long and hard work day.

#3. Think of Happy Colors

Let us build the mood by using happier colors. It can be calm or pastels, but leave mainstream choice and be more cheerful. This will improve the indoor mood and it gives comfort too patient too. Make it in line with the hospital logo.

#4. Think of Going Branded

There are several brands really famous on this industry. They do not only wear quality cloth and material but they make innovation on variation and details as well. Going branded can be a nice shortcut for fashionable yet comfortable medical and nursing scrubs.

#5. Avoid Too Much Accessories

Even though we like the idea of being different, do not get too much on it. We can make variation on the v neck collar and chest pocket, but do not add too many more attached accessories on the scrubs unless we want to look like we are trying so hard to be liked.

Paying attention to little detail like this will deliver surprising result. Patient will love our look and this gives them comfort which will be very beneficial for medical purposes. Let us be different and fashionable so hospital can be fun place too.


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