8 Tips How to Choose the Right Square Shower Tray

square shower tray sizesYou may think that it is easy to find the right square shower tray, but it may be a bit tougher and trickier than that. You see planning out your bathroom isn’t easy, as your bathroom should not only stylish and pretty, but also safe and comfortable to use. Functionality always comes first than appearance, so if you want to make sure that your bathroom is well designed and plan, you need to spend longer time than you think. But don’t worry; there are always simple ways and tips to help you how to choose square shower tray. And here are some of the tips to make your job easier.

#1. Functionality

Shower tray is usually used when you want to have a shower enclosure or you want to have a separated shower area. The tray will define the border well, so you won’t be confused. Square tray is the most popular choice, because it is the most flexible. You can install it on small bathroom to big one. With the square tray, your bathroom will look more sectioned. But make sure that square tray is the one you need, because you can always choose other trays, such as the rectangular, pentagonal, or quadrant.

#2. Easy Installation

The thing about square shower tray is the fact that they can be easily installed in any parts of the bathroom. You can install it in the alcoves, recessed area, in the middle of the bathroom, on the corner. Basically any place that you want. Other types of tray may require special treatment or requirement. Some trays can only be installed when there is enclosure or installed on corners only. It doesn’t mean that the other trays are difficult to deal with; it is just the square shower tray is simpler and easier. That’s all.

#3. Placement and Layout

As it was mentioned before, the square tray is the most flexible. You can have it installed with enclosure or without. Even without the enclosure, the existence of the tray will show the exact area of the shower, so other people won’t miss the clue. After all, the tray is good enough to show border and boundaries without actually constructing a place, making it more crowded and cramped.

#4. Material

There are different types of material to choose for the square tray. Stone resin will make your bathroom look elegant, classy, and exclusive. You can make your bathroom look luxurious without actually having to spend a fortune. But you can also choose ceramic or acrylic.

#5. Size

As the most versatile tray, square tray can come in various sizes – from the smallest one to the biggest one.

#6. Color

Choosing the right color can help making your bathroom look bigger or smaller. The neutral color is white, but of course you can always go with other colors that you like.

#7. Space and Location

Depending on the space, you can determine the size of the tray. Location is also important because you get to choose the colors, dimension, and other stuffs related to it.

#8. Height

A high tray will make it difficult to enter and go out – as well as making it dangerous. Choosing the height between 40mm and 80mm is the ideal one.

All in all, you should also consider other aspects, such as are there kids around? Is the placement ideal? Is it safe? And how much do you want to spend on it? Think of them thoroughly and plan your bathroom carefully.


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